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Video: HUMALED World ..


HUMALED is the ultimate performance BySTRESS.

HUMALED in a few words:
• Totally customizable, live performance messaging with our artists morphing into various shapes that interact and synchronize to IMAG video. • HUMALED can perform live, custom shapes during the clients finished video and audio presentation, creating each element based on the client's goals and objectives. • HUMALED will focus your audience and entertain viewers while delivering your message in a powerful, stunning visual live performance that your audience will always remember. 
Witness the amazing art of HUMALED as professional create shadow shapes cast on an expansive modern dance and artistic movement are the glue of this entrancing performance laced with interesting videos, forms, props and your own unique story.

At key points of the story, HUMALED will highlight an image morphing into pictures as moving video help create a seamless presentation. 
Perfect for a launch product, trip reveal, introducing a vip, business messaging or for performance segments throughout an awards ceremony, HUMALED will move your audience to a new sight and sound dimension of sensory perception.

music by: 
- Armin van Buuren - Desiderium 207 (feat. Susana) Mirage
- Mihimaru GT - Diverge

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